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"Emily has been a wonderful caregiver to our toddler. He looks forward to going everyday and often runs in the door without looking back at us. I believe thatís a sign that he enjoys his time there. Heís made great friends, expanded his vocabulary and always comes home with a smile. If youíre looking for a homey nurturing day care, Emilyís is perfect!" ~Heidi

"Weíve had our daughter in Emilyís care for years and I canít say enough wonderful things about her. She loves going to her house and Emily does an amazing job helping her and the other kids grow into little individuals. I trust Emily completely and sheís so easy to communicate with. Another thing I love about Emily is her scheduling and how she has her entire year planned so there are few surprises other than those life can sometimes toss our way. Sheís dependable and reliable and a wonderful human. 5 stars!!!" ~Ashmore

"We love Emily! Our 3 year old daughter has been with Emily for two years now. Being first time parents this transition was scary for us, but when I met with Emily my sense of worry was lessened. Two years later we've never looked back. Taking our daughter to daycare has been one of the best decisions we've made as a family. She's definitely been a life saver for my husband and I. I totally recommend Emily to anyone looking for daycare services. Our daughter will soon to be transitioning into preschool--we will be missing our weekly routine with Emily." ~Monique

"Emily's Childcare has been the perfect place for our two kids! My daughter is 2 and has been with Emily since she was 5 months old. My son has also been with her since he was 5 month old. My daughter runs to the door each morning and does not want to come home with me because she is having too much fun! Emily provides a safe, nurturing environment with fun inside and outside. My kids have made their first little friends thanks to Emily's Child Care and I hope the friendship continues through the years. We have been blessed to have Emily in our lives." ~Lindsay

"I am so thankful to have found Emily to take care of my daughter. She has been with Emily since she was two months old. What impressed me about Emily's daycare is how calm and collected she is and all her kids in her care. Growing up in a daycare, Emily knows how to run a her business with ease and professionalism. My daughter has been with her for a year and a half now and loves to go every day." ~Amanda

"My son attended Emily's Child Care for six months until my work schedule changed. Emily is attentive, kind, very kind hearted and on top of the job. She is organized, effective and efficient. She is highly aware of the needs of the children and really does a great job! I trust her with Luke and I would recommend her service to anyone looking for a trustworthy and long term care provider!" ~Erika

"My 15 month old son has been with Emily full time for over a year now. When she opens the door he leans out of my arms to go to her. He is happy to see her and is thriving there. I have never seen her yell or lose her temper with any of the children and they totally respond to her when she asks them to do something. She is great with babies and I feel very safe leaving my son with her. She is a great part of my son's life and I am so grateful to have her." ~Katie

"Emily is SO great. My 2 year old has stayed with her full time since he was 5 months old and now my new baby is with her too! She loves and snuggles them and has a big safe yard, 2 naps rooms and a layout that makes it so she can always see the kids. I highly recommend her for anyone who needs a good daycare provider." ~Katie

"My son started with Emily when he was about a year old. He loves every minute of it. She has a great home and a room dedicated to the children with toys, educational activities and a great outdoor area. My son of course wants his mommy in the morning, but once he's with Emily he doesn't want to come home in the afternoon!!! :) That makes me happy as a mom who works full time! I know he's safe with her. My daughter started with Emily as well when she was 8 weeks old. She is now 9 months. She smiles, giggles, and makes great sounds when she sees her at the door. That is so comforting! She offers great hours and great prices as well. This economy as we all know can be hard on any ones budget. We wouldn't change Mrs. Emily for the world! My kids are attached to her. All kids of all younger ages would love being with her!" ~Renee

"My son has been with Emily for over a year now and I couldn't be happier with her services. He was diagnosed at an early age with autism and was, and still is, very attached to us, so finding the perfect daycare provider was essential. I can honestly say Emily was the first person he instilled his own trust into and would leave my arms for hers without any question. Because of this, and her high level of professionalism, Emily has been nothing short spectacular! I would recommend Emily's Daycare to everyone!" ~Grant

"Emily is fabulous. Going back to work and leaving the kiddo with someone else felt more difficult than labor, and Emily was so caring and understanding of that. She was amazingly helpful while we were trying to diagnose my child's allergy, giving us input from her time with our kid that we could pass on to the doctor so they had as much info as possible. When Emily opens the door each morning, the kiddo gets so excited and goes right to her. I always know she's in good hands with Emily!" ~Jessica

"I sent my daughter (she is now 6 years old) to Emily's Child Care and could not be happier. It is a safe environment (which was my top priority). Returning to work and leaving my child with a stranger was hard enough- but Emily made the process so smooth. Even now when I need childcare because of school fur low days or government holidays when school is closed, I return to Emily." ~Cyndee

"Emily has cared for both of my very young children, personally, and I would highly recommend her. She has a genuine love for all children and the morals and values you would want your children exposed to on a daily basis. Her child care is organized, while still being fun for your little one. Bottom line: I TRUST Emily." ~Susan

"I interviewed Emily at her home daycare and found her to be super sweet and honest. The house was clean, baby proofed, and there was nothing that made me feel like my child was in any danger. She was my top two choices, however, we chose a daycare that was closer to our house and our other daughter's daycare. We plan on using Emily's daycare as a backup when daycare closes for special days." ~Christy

"We absolutely love Emily's Childcare. We are so blessed to have found her and thankful that she had an opening at the time we were in need for someone so good. We had removed our then 5 month old baby from a big well known daycare center in Temecula due to the lack of ability to pay close attention and provide the ongoing support of allowing me to breastfeed my baby boy. My baby was barely napping and they had no clue on how to paced bottle feed the breastfed baby and just wanted to give more and more ounces of precious pumped milk to my baby. When I found Emily, I expressed my concerns with our past experience with our previous daycare center and we told her what we were looking. After touring her home and seeing her level of professionalism and how calm and put together she was I knew I had to give her a chance. Right away, before my son started his first day with her, she went online and watched videos and read resources on how to properly paced bottle feed the breastfed baby. Now my soon to be 8 month old baby still receives pumped breastmilk while under Emily's care and has no problem exclusively nursing when at home. He also takes longer naps during the day and she logs all of my baby's daily activities (from the times he slept, to the bottles/ounces of pumped milk given, to the number of wet/soiled diapers and if any solids were given). Furthermore, every morning I drop off my baby, he is happy to see Emily and I leave with a peace of mind in knowing that Emily provides the best love and care my child needs while I am at work." ~Esmeralda

"I have taken my son here for nearly 2 years! It is so hard to find quality care these days that is affordable! I would highly recommend this service to anyone with young children that prefer an in home daycare setting. That way your child has more one on one attention as needed and can adjust to your return to work better and easier. Thank you Emily for the great care you provide daily!" ~Karen

"We love Emily! Our year and a half year old daughter started with Emily in October! Being first time parents this was scary for us, but when I met with Emily my sense of worry was lessened because she's so kind! You have to have a special place in your heart to take care of children and Emily definitely has that. This decision has been one of the best decisions we have made as a family. We are both self employed and I hope we can stay busy so our daughter can continue to have fun with Emily and all the other kids!" ~Monique

"Our son has been going to Emily's for over a year now and we are very happy with the care he has received. He smiles and puts his arms out for Emily each morning which tells us that he is happy to be there and he has truly bonded with Emily. We have used other daycares in the past and prefer the home daycare setting over the industrialized daycare facilities. Emily has been very flexible with us which is a plus as well. As parents that work full-time, it is invaluable to know that our child is safe while in Emily's care." ~Jennifer

"Our oldest son has been with Emily since October 2016 and now our 4 month old joined him. There is nothing better than going back to work with peace of mind that your children are being well cared for. We love Emily and more important our sons love her." ~Maaike

"Itís been years since I used child care and I was so scared to leave my 14 month old after being watched by family for first year. Emily calmed all my fears the moment we met her! My son's been there for a little over 3 months and is excited to now go! So thankful my friend who used her years ago recommended Emily!" ~Marissa

"Our two year old loved being at Ms. Emily's for months. She has a sweet play area and shares all kinds of yummy snacks when needed. Her hours are super flexible and weíve enjoyed every drop off and pickup. Grab a spot when you can! Us mommas need a break, right?!" ~Susanna

"We ABSOLUTELY LOVE EMILY! She is a lifesaver! My daughter adores her and she treats all the munchkins as if they were her own! We highly recommend EMILY'S DAYCARE!! We love you Emily!" ~Olivia

"My son has been here since he was 3 months old! It's so nice to be able to completely trust someone with your child and know that they are being well-taken care of. Emily's communication is great and she is so calm in the midst of chaos. She was made to take care of littles. We are so fortunate to have her, and we recommend her highly!" ~Breonna

"Thanks to Emily, I know my toddler is happy and safe while I am at work. She sends pictures of my lil one playing and reassures me everything is okay. Itís stressful leaving your kiddo with someone other than family. I trust Emily to keep my lil one safe while Iím away, and she always comes home with a smile on her face. Emily responds promptly to any texts and has been very accommodating. I recommend her to anyone looking for a part time sitter/play group." ~Hannah

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